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Prettiest Peonies For Mom

On the spectrum of impossibly beautiful flowers, the peony has got to be up there.

Stadium Flowers bows down to the incredible power of this bulbous, vibrant bloom with its layers upon layers of petals and intoxicating scent. Peonies make us think of all things feminine, spirited, inspired—a graceful blossom with a garden feel. Peonies are perfect, so it stands to reason, they are perfect for your mom. The week before May 13th, when you’re hunting for just the right gift, trust us and turn to peonies.

Our Farm Fresh Peony Bouquet¬†should solidly make the case as to why, when in doubt, go the peony route. This lush, vividly green bouquet is draped around bubblegum pink peonies. This is the kind of piece that draws all of the attention if it’s placed in the kitchen but that looks gorgeous posing on a dresser or bedside table next to your mom’s favorite novel. Peonies bring a sense of whimsy and fun to the space.

 Fresh cut peonies with garden flowers and unique herbs.

Give peonies and you’re nearly guaranteed to be the talk of all the moms, as your bouquet will certainly be the one that gets shown off the most.