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Stadium Flowers

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Ring in the New Year with Flowers

New Year’s is one of the moshutterstock_229555180st universal celebrations worldwide. It’s a time for looking back on the past year and reflecting on its highlights; it’s also a time for anticipating the new year ahead, making resolutions, setting goals and planning for an even better year than the last one. Set the perfect tone and atmosphere with these flower ideas for your New Year’s Eve celebration from Stadium Flowers.


The festive snapdragon is an excellent way to create a celebratory vibe at your New Year’s Eve party. With tall, eye-catching stalks and detailed petals, they’re sure to bring the energy up in your home or at a New Year’s gathering. The Dazzler features an exceptional arrangement of bright red, yellow, and purple flowers including snapdragons, roses, istroemeria, gerberas and chrysanthemums. Special Thoughts stuns in all white with its combination of snapdragons, white roses, Asiatic lilies and carnations.


The exotic, tropical orchid is an impactful way to decorate your home or bring a gift for New Year’s. With its elegant lines and a variety of color choices, you’re sure to find the perfect orchid for your decor or host. Moonlight combines blue delphinium orchids, calla lilies, purple stock, ivory roses and green hydrangea. Orchid Breeze will take their breath away with beautiful orchids, bromeliads, succulents, anthuriums and green plants all in a tropical basket.


While tulips are often associated with springtime and Easter gift-giving, this hope-inspiring flower can be perfect in any scenario where a new beginning isĀ involved. Give tulips all on their own in a variety of radiant colors, or have them artfully mixed with other blooms for a truly uplifting effect. Floral Fantasia brings together bright tulips along with roses and other premium blooms for an eye-catching symphony of color. Tulip Tango is an all-tulip arrangement in hues of bright yellow, pink and red.
Stargazer Lilies

The stargazer lily explodes with celebratory energy. With a huge bloom and ornate color patterns, they’re sure to uplift the energy of the room. Royal Radiance brings a joyful spirit along with it, combining stargazer lilies with roses, tulips and a mix of other fragrant flowers. The Lily Bouquet combines stargazer lilies with pink statice in a beautiful clear vase.

Why be ordinary this New Year’s? Use these flower ideas to help create the perfect atmosphere for ringing in the bright, exciting new year ahead.