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Roses For Your Bestie On Galentine’s Day

We know what you’re thinking: “What in the world is Galentine’s Day?”

Allow us here at Stadium Flowers to answer you: it’s a fictional holiday devoted to celebrating the love females have for each other, and it was first proposed in a 2010 episode of NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Main character Leslie Knope took all of her ladies out to lunch on February 13 and proclaimed it “Galentine’s Day .  . . only the best day of the year.” Since then, the idea has caught on, and women across the U.S. are making plans to get together and show their love for each other the day before Valentine’s Day.

Any holiday is improved upon when you throw flowers into the mix, and it’s no different for Galentine’s Day. In fact, we suspect that this is one occasion that is still very much being created, and so it has plenty of space for new traditions and gift-giving rituals. We think the perfect flower choice for your girls is a dozen Yellow RosesOne dozen premium long-stemmed yellow roses

Yellow is the symbolic color for friendship, and roses, of course, are certainly called for this week of all weeks. There’s simply nothing more regal and graceful as a rose, but when it appears in yellow? You’ve just combined that elegance with an upbeat spirit. An excellent tribute to the excellent women in your life.