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Expressing Your Feelings with Roses

Roses Expressing Feelings | Roses Colors & MeaningsValentine’s Day is the preeminent day for roses, and it’s such a joy to walk by a florist and see beautiful bouquets of red roses in the window. However, the color of red isn’t the only way to celebrate this romantic holiday.

Roses in different colors have some fascinating meanings. You might want to choose a bouquet of roses in a color like white, orange, or purple to share deeper meaning with your loved one or significant other this year.

Evoke the Early Traditions of White Roses

Although today’s most romantic rose is always the red rose, it was once the white rose that symbolized true love. If you’ve given your significant other red roses for the past decade, think about giving her white roses this year. She’ll appreciate the ingenuity and surprise of roses in a different color.

White roses look absolutely gorgeous among lush greens and leaves. They’re also a wonderful gift for someone you have strong feelings for, but who isn’t yet a permanent part of your life. If you’ve been dating for just a few months and want to give her a symbol of new love, white roses are a perfect fit.

Offer Her Passion with an Orange Rose

Orange roses aren’t something you see every day, and when you see them they’re usually just a part of a larger bouquet. However, a dozen orange roses is an incredibly exciting way to give your loved one Valentine’s Day flowers.

Fascinatingly, many consider orange roses as a mixture between the deep love of the red rose and the friendship of the yellow rose. If you just married your best friend and you want her to know she’s everything to you, an orange rose might be the perfect symbol of your relationship.

The Enchantment of Purple Roses

If purple roses remind you of a fairytale, that’s because they’re the flower of enchantment and desire. They’re also considered a color that symbolizes love at first sight, so if you’re planning to use Valentine’s Day to say, “I love you” for the first time, purple or lavender will be a fine choice.

If you can’t decide on just one symbol for your Valentine’s Day flowers, there’s always an eclectic and colorful vase of multi-colored roses. If you know her favorite color, you can also choose a bouquet that features her favorite hue.