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Roses are Perfect for the Month of June

rosesThe custom of recognizing birth flowers most likely dates back to ancient Rome, when the gifts given often included flowers. The flowers that were customarily exchanged in any given month were the ones in season during that time. Although in modern times we have the ability to cultivate flowers all year long, the idea of giving a specific flower based upon a person’s birth month continues as a tradition even today.

rosesThe birth flower of June is one of the most cherished, both in ancient Rome and in present day Lynnwood. The rose has a long history as a symbol of love, commitment, romance, passion, and sacrifice, and is still considered a truly special offering for a loved one’s birthday. The color of the rose you choose also sends a specific message, as each hue of rose has its significance. Roses come in a wide spectrum of colors, from white to cream, yellow, orange, pink, purple and of course, red.

rosesSpeaking of red roses, June the 12th also marks the observance of Red Rose Day. This day was established by fans of the iconic red rose, perhaps the most classic of flowers. Botanists, florists, and gardeners join honoring the bloom, and it is another wonderful opportunity to send love to anyone in your life that you have deep feelings for. Imagine their surprise and happiness at receiving red roses on a day they do not expect! This month, and every month, Stadium Flowers has the most beautiful bouquets and arrangements that will convey the spirit of the day in stunning style. Stop by to speak to one of our floral experts, or browse our website for hundreds of ideas for gifts that will make their day.