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Sapphires, Asters, & September Birthday Celebrations

september birthday

It is time to celebrate those observing a September birthday. Just as we do every month, we have two inspirations to draw from, in the form of a monthly birthstone and a birth flower. In September, the birthstone is the sapphire and the flower is the aster – and Stadium Flowers has everything you need to be inspired by either one. When having flowers delivered to your loved ones, you can always trust our talented floral designers to create an amazing gift. 
The sapphire is a coveted gemstone, both for its value and for its gorgeous blue color. Long considered a celestial gift from the gods, only kings and priests were allowed to own the beautiful stone for thousands of years.

Although “true-blue flowers” are rare, blue asters, delphinium, and larkspur are all popular choices to decorate for your big occasion. Is it a coincidence that those celebrating a September birthday with sapphire blue can also celebrate the start of the season for our favorite team? We think not- and what a fitting birthday bouquet for all the sports fans in your life!

When it comes to choosing an appropriate flower to represent September, the aster is a logical option. This colorful flower blooms from late summer into early fall, and is most beautiful when many other flowers are ending their season. The aster is daisy-like in appearance, exhibiting ray petals around a bright yellow center. Blue asters (ranging from pale blue to purple) are a wonderful choice for a September birthday, as they allow you to reference both the birth flower and the vivid blue of the sapphire.

September birthdayAt Stadium Flowers, we are inspired by special occasions. This September, you can trust us to provide the most beautiful floral designs for your friends and loved ones- just as Everett and Seattle area families have trusted us for decades. Give us a call, and let’s create something beautiful!