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Send Some Love And Flowers This Grandparents Day

The tradition of presenting grandparents with flowers or gifts began with the advent of National Grandparents Day in the 1970s. Marian McQuade started this occasion in her home state of West Virginia, and by the late 70s it had grown into a day of national observance. One tradition that has started to fade in more recent years was that of giving Forget-Me-Nots to grandparents. Stadium Flowers suggests we revive this tradition or update it with flowers of your choosing. What are your grandparents’ favorite flowers?

A bouquet of Dozens and Dozens of Carnations might just be the most ideal arrangement for your grandparents this year. A traditional flower in colors of your choosing, these blooms are surrounded by lush greens in a gorgeous glass vase. Much like roses, the color of your carnations communicates a particular message, like love and affection (red), wishes of good luck (white), or even a mother’s undying love for her children (pink). Choose which message you’d like to give your grandparents through the carnations you choose.

Regardless of which type of flower you choose, the sentiment is the same: to honor your grandparents and show love to them. After all, we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our grandparents! Talk to the floral experts at Stadium Flowers about the best options for your Grandparents Day celebration this September.