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Posted by stadiumflowers on July 18, 2016 Sympathy

Sending Sympathy Flowers

funeral flowersFuneral flowers always add beauty and hope to an otherwise somber occasion. Since ancient times, flowers have been used in anointing ceremonies and have served as aromatic decoration on burial and memorial sites. Today, around the world, flowers still serve an important purpose in memorial service traditions and are known to be a thoughtful and customary expression of sympathy.

There are two basic categories of floral purchases that are appropriate for friends, colleagues and extended families; but within these categories there are many choices.  Floral arrangements to decorate the funeral service are sent directly to the funeral home. The formal designs usually take the form of large standing sprays, crosses or wreaths; and are appropriate to be displayed at the church or memorial service. It is considered improper to deliver these arrangements to someone’s home.
sympathy flowers
Sympathy flowers are considered more intimate and personal, and it is fitting to have them sent to the family home. These arrangements are traditionally standard sized bouquets that can be displayed on a tabletop. Green or flowering plants are also an appropriate gift to convey sympathy, as they will serve as a reminder of your love and support long after all the visitors have left. Peace lilies or orchids are popular choices for this type of sympathy gift. Having flowers delivered as a gesture of heartfelt emotion is always appropriate, whether the flowers are sent in time for the service or arrive days later. sympathy flowers
The custom of draping the casket or surrounding the urn with beautiful flowers  is the responsibility of the closest family members. If you wish to purchase these pieces as a gift for the family,  inquire with them before ordering, to avoid confusion or offense.
The designers at Stadium Flowers are very sorry for your loss. Whether you choose a piece from our selection or would like a custom funeral floral design, we are dedicated to assisting you in making this time a little easier.

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