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September Send Asters

asterEach month of the year features a different official flower, and the flower of September is the aster. That means you’ll want to include asters in the flower arrangements you send to your friends and family with September birthdays. These purple and white beauties are gorgeous when paired with roses, carnations, lilies, and many other vibrant blooms.

Asters: Ancient Wildflowers with Modern Appeal

Asters are a classic bloom with a history that stretches all the way back to Greek myths involving goddesses and magic flowers. Throughout millennia, they’ve served many roles including status as a memorial flower, as well as the official flower of September. With their bright hues, they’re the perfect way to add color to your first fall celebrations.

One of the unique features of asters is that they’re a popular flower for gardens, and they’re also a beautiful part of arrangements for all occasions. They’re the cheerful part in arrangements, but they’re also a dramatic feature when included in a basket of bright white flowers. Imagine a stunning basket of Asiatic lilies, white alstroemeria, and Matsumoto asters.

Using Asters in Your September Parties

During the summer, we use festive blooms like sunflowers and roses to celebrate the warm months, but the shorter days of fall call for new flowers that celebrate autumn. With their appearance in gardens in late summer and early fall, asters are the perfect symbol of September, and it’s no wonder they were chosen as the official flower for September birthdays.

Do you know a friend who will welcome a new addition to the family in September? Asters are a meaningful and beautiful part of flowers for a new baby. An ideal arrangement from Stadium Flowers that combines the beauty of flowers with a whimsical gift is the Sweet Little Lamb. This arrangement features an adorable little lamb that’s filled with light pink spray roses, white monte casino asters, and other matching flowers.

Of course, asters are also the perfect bloom to include in an arrangement for an adult, particularly when your friend loves bright, vivid flowers and has a birthday in September. No matter whether your friend or family member is turning eight or 80, you’ll want to include some asters in their flower arrangement.

Asters are an easy and natural addition to any arrangement, and they’re a gorgeous flower to add some meaning to an arrangement given in September. Surprise someone you love with an arrangement of asters from Stadium Flowers.