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Stadium Flowers – International Women’s Day

women's dayInternational Women’s Day, celebrated on Match the 8th, is a global awareness initiative aimed at bringing gender parity to the world. The observance began in the early 1900’s, but gained its most significant momentum in 1977 when the United Nations officially gave its sanction and support. Themes throughout the years have included empowering women to combat poverty; education equality for girls and women, and addressing violence towards women.


The day is officially celebrated in 30 nations, although gatherings and events take place in over 100countries annually. Both men and women have contributed to the efforts over the years, and have made great strides to help women achieve their goals and rise to leadership positions. In Western nations, the rallies and celebrations often emphasize the contributions of women to history; both in the past, and to this day. In 2011, President Obama declared March “National Women’s Month”, citing the countless achievements and contributions of American women in our history.


women's day

International Women’s Day is the perfect day to honor the women in your life who influence, impact and inspire every day. For the single working mother, the dedicated teacher, or the businesswoman on the rise, a bouquet or floral arrangement from Stadium Flowers is a wonderful way to recognize her contributions. If you need ideas, look to the flowers themselves – palm fronds symbolize success, and daffodils stand for esteem and respect. To honor her strength and moral character, order gladioli.


The experts at Stadium Flowers have all the ideas you need to honor the special women in your life – call or stop into our Everett area flower shop today!