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Stadium Flowers – Poinsettias

poinsettiaThere is no dispute that the poinsettia is the official flower of Christmas. The iconic bloom has been linked with the holiday season for many years, and can be found everywhere from shopping malls to church altars. But did you ever wonder why the flower is so closely associated with Christmas? There are actually several stories, and all lend to the legend of the poinsettia.


  • The flower blooms during the traditional Christmas season.
  • Mexican folklore told of a small girl who had nothing to offer the Christ child; when she laid a bouquet of roadside weeds at His feet, they transformed into the beautiful poinsettia
  • The unique star shape of the flower has been likened to the Star of Bethlehem.
  • To this day in Mexico, the flower is known as Flor de Noche Buena, or the “Flower of the Holy Night”.
  • Joel Poinsett, who introduced the flower to America in 1825, began the tradition of giving it as a gift.
  • December 12, only two weeks from Christmas, is National Poinsettia Day.


However the poinsettia earned its place in Christmas tradition, it is here to stay. Annually, we spend over $200 million dollars on the flowering plant, whether for our own home décor or for gifts. The Stadium Flowers Holiday Gift Guide suggests many ways to celebrate it – from the classic potted red plant, to the exotic Luxury Garden, which pairs a red poinsettia with white orchids for an elegant holiday display.


Holiday Luxury Garden

While the poinsettia is a bit sensitive to its surroundings, with a few simple precautions you can keep your plant beautiful through the season.


  • Indirect sunlight and temperatures of about 70 degrees are optimal
  • Cold drafts or hot blasts will harm the bracts and leaves.
  • Water when soil gets dry, but don’t over-water, and make sure to drain excess water.


This Christmas, whether you want to send a poinsettia or another seasonal floral bouquet, make sure to browse the Holiday Gift Guide for inspiration and ideas; any one of Stadium Flower’s amazing holiday bouquets is sure to deliver holiday cheer!