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Stadium Flowers Sympathy Flowers

sympathy flowersWhen we lose a loved one, flowers are a thoughtful and sentimental way to express our emotions. Just as flowers add beauty to our lives, they also bring serenity and peace to difficult circumstances.

There are classic choices when it comes to tribute arrangements; these include lilies, roses and orchids. Mums, carnations and gladiolus are also popular choices. However, many feel that when choosing appropriate flowers for the ceremony, taking your loved ones personality into account is a loving way to pay your respects. Did they have a favorite flower? Perhaps that will provide a basis for the tribute flowers, casket sprays or funeral wreathes.

While white blooms are traditional, virtually every color of the rainbow signifies a sentiment or emotion. Remembering how your deceased friend or family member made you feel in life, will likely inspire a beautiful arrangement for the memorial service. For instance, lavender blooms represent beauty, while pink flowers exude gracefulness and happiness. Combining them is a touching tribute to the woman in your life who inspired these sentiments in those around her.

Roses are the epitome of deep love and affection; red flowers exhibit beauty and courage. Combining these allow for a strong and loving tribute bouquet for the memorial service.

If there will not be a memorial – or you will not be attending – it is customary to send flowers (or some other sympathy gift) to the home of the bereaved as soon as you hear of the loss. While flowers are always an elegant choice, you may also wish to choose a green plant or ceramic dish garden that will provide comfort for years. A peace lily is known to represent hope in a new life, and is a lovely gift that is fitting for home or office.

Your relationship with people is unique, and your expression during these time can reflect that. Come into Stadium Flowers in Everett or Lynnwood or visit us online, and let us help you create sympathy floral arrangement that will perfectly reflect love and warm wishes during this difficult time.