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Stadium Flowers – World Peace Day

world peace dayWorld Peace Day, celebrated on November 17, is a very different kind of holiday. Founder Don Morris, otherwise known as the “Peaceguy”, wanted to institute a day extolling the virtue of peace, but without any ties to a specific religion or to government. Without formal organization, without a unifying logo – the grass roots movement has grown to represent the most pure of ideals.



Although the effort does call for an effort to attempt government leaders – Morris suggests sending origami paper cranes to those in power, with a message of peace – the main goal is to teach individuals to embrace peace. Recognizing that no widespread change can occur until individuals have a change of heart, the day seeks to inspire each person to be a peacemaker in their own life – to right wrongs, to reconcile differences, and to look for ways to resolve strife.



There are many ways to establish peaceful outcomes; from a phone call, to a lunch invitation, to one of our peace-inspired floral arrangements. Imagine if each person simply decided to make peace with those they contend with; how quickly would the sentiment spread throughout Lynnwood and beyond?



Those wishing to spread the peace are asked to drive with their headlights on all day, in an expression of solidarity. Perform some random acts of kindness. Help a stranger. And if your plans include sending a beautiful floral bouquet or green plant, stop into Stadium Flowers. We have the perfect flowers for every occasion.