Caring for Succulents and Air Plants

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caring for succulents

When it comes to selecting the most beautiful green plants and succulents for your home and office – or as the ideal gift for someone in your life – you won’t find more knowledge than at Stadium Flowers. Our company has been providing exquisite florals and plants to Everett and Seattle for 70 years. In other words, we know indoor plants – and we are always willing to share our expertise with our customers. Although we cannot outline how to care for all of the unique plants we offer, we would like to highlight one of our favorites – the always interesting succulent!

The Perfect Gifts: Succulents, green and flowering plants make excellent gifts for Administrative Professionals Week, beginning April 23rd.caring for succulents

Caring for succulents requires a few simple steps.

  • Light: Most varieties of succulents need half a day to a full day of sunlight. In extremely hot areas some afternoon shade is recommended.
  • Soil: Succulents need a well-draining soil, such as cactus soil, sand, gravel or volcanic rock,
  • Water: When you first bring the succulent home, water thoroughly. Permit the soil to dry slightly between waterings but make sure the container drains well, as succulents don’t like to have wet feet.
  • Fertilizer: Most succulents need very little fertilizer. Watering with a well-balanced fertilizer every 30 days will be sufficient.

caring for succulents

Air plants are uncommon, rare and beautiful plants to have in your home and office.

  • Light: Keep in bright filtered light, such as on a windowsill with a sheer curtain.
  • Water: If the air in your environment is dry, the plant should be submerged in water for 2-3 hours every two weeks. If the air is humid, air plants can survive with occasional soaking mistings.
  • Fertilizer: To feed your air plant, add a bit of orchid or bromeliad fertilizer when misting.

caring for succulents

Caring for succulents takes a little bit of education, but you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous organic vibe in your home. For succulents, air plants, or any green or flowering plant – your local source is Stadium Flowers. Call us today for gifts to celebrate any upcoming occasion or event – your recipients will love the unique beauty of these plants.




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