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Summer Roses, Bouquets, and Designs

summer roses

June is National Rose Month, which gives us the opportunity to officially recognize how much we love roses. Roses are the most popular flowers worldwide and across many occasions, but they also are pretty spectacular! This month, in recognition of this traditionally elegant and timeless flower, we wanted to share some amazing facts about beautiful roses.

For National Rose Month – and throughout the year – we have all the roses you’ll need. Want to see more? Check out our online Rose Collection or visit our Pinterest board

summer rosesRose of Many Colors: Roses are cultivated in many colors and hues. However, true blue or black roses cannot ever be grown. They are actually devoid of a necessary gene needed to create delphinidin, which is the source of blue coloring. “Black roses” are in reality a very dark shade of red.

A Rose of Great Value: In the Middle Ages, rose oil, known as attar,  was considered a sign of great prosperity. Only royalty and the socially elite could afford this extravagance – after all, it takes about 60,000 flowers to make a single fluid ounce of rose oil.

summer roses
Double Your Dozen!

Simply pay $20 extra and transform an ordinary rose bouquet into an extraordinary one! Nothing speaks of love more than a bouquet of beautiful long stem red roses. Arranged with fresh greenery in a classic glass vase, this bouquet is a gift from the heart. Bouquet includes 24 stems.


Northern Dwellers: Although there are over 150 species of rose in the world, none are native to the Southern Hemisphere. Every rose species originated north of the Equator – although now roses do grow all over the globe.

Roses Love to Exceed Expectations: There is a rose bush in Hildesheim, Germany which has been flourishing for nearly 1,200 years continuously. A rosebush in Tombstone, Arizona exhibits over 200,000 blooms on a single bush when in full bloom. And a world record rose cultivated in California actually measured a remarkable 33 inches in diameter! While these are all extreme examples, they prove that the rose has amazing capabilities.

For these and many other reasons, roses are incredible flowers. This June, in honor of National Rose Month, tell someone you love that they are just as incredible – with summer roses from Stadium Flowers.