Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Take Photos Win Prizes

We’re throwing a contest! How do you participate you ask? It’s simple really, if you’re a Snohomish County resident and a high school student all you have to do is take pictures at your next dance and you could win prizes!

Yes, we’re saying all you have to do is take photos and you could potentially win a $50 gift certificate to Arnie’s restaurant and 2 Regal movie tickets!

Here’s how:

1.    Buy your corsage/boutonniere at Stadium Flowers

2.    Take photos with your date wearing your corsage/boutonniere

3.    “Like” Stadium Flowers on Facebook

4.    Post your best dance couple picture and tag Stadium Flowers in that picture

5.    Win a $50 Arnie’s Gift Certificate and 2 Regal Movie Tickets for the best tagged photo

To request a copy of official rules and regulations please contact: