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Posted by stadiumflowers on May 5, 2015 Flowers

The Perfect Peony

PeoniesThe peony is one of the most beloved perennials in the spring garden. Herbaceous peonies are the most common, and they are suited to growth across a large part of the continental United States. Peonies are hardy between U.S.D.A. hardiness zones 3 and 8. Bloom time varies, depending upon location and the warmer the location, the earlier flowers start blooming.

Herbaceous peonies prefer to grow in full sun. They are classified into eight different forms or types.

1.Anemone peonies are an early-blooming type. They don’t grow tall, so they don’t need support. Because they are such low growers, they provide a good ground cover, and that helps maintain soil temperature and moisture.

2.Single peonies are considered prolific bloomers. The flowers look like ginormous daisies. Because of the flower structure, they need to grow in a location that offers dappled sun in the afternoon. Single flowers tend to be lightweight, so staking isn’t necessary.

3.Lotus is another that needs to be planted in a shaded spot to protect the tender flowers from the intense afternoon sun.

4.Chrysanthemum is a type of peony that is characterized by an abundance of petals. The guard petals make up as many as five to ten layers. As guard petals get closer to the flower center, they shrink. This type can tolerate full sun all day.

5.Rose peonies are aptly named because they smell a lot like roses. Rose peonies have lots of petals, and the largest petals are closest to the outside part of the flower. This particular form is an excellent cut flower.

6.Golden Circle is known for extremely large and full flowers.

7.Crown is a variety that has wide guard petals at the outside edge of the flower. The center petals, or the petals that surround the center, curl, creating a mound of color that is reminiscent of a scoop of ice cream. When the flowers open fully, the guard petals bend backward, creating a mass of flowers that look like colorful balls in a garden.

8.Hundred Proliferate gets its name from the number of petals each flower has. These spectacular flowers are so big, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the guard petals and the center petals. Not surprisingly, this one is a favorite for cut flowers.

Paeonia lactiflora ‘Pink Parfait’

Pink Parfait is one of the most popular of all herbaceous peonies. The plants produce large double flowers in a shade of pink that looks like bubblegum. This late blooming variety produces flowers in early summer. The flowers are so large and heavy that without staking, they’re susceptible to damage from heavy rain and wind.

We love peonies. We think that cut peonies are a beautiful accent to any home or office. We also love to incorporate peonies into the flower arrangements, bouquets, and centerpieces we create for spring and summer weddings.


We show our peony love with a special arrangement we call “Peony Parfait.” We pack a clear glass vase full of huge peonies in assorted colors. This delightful taste of spring comes with the magnificent fragrance for which peonies are known.


Peony Parfait

Stadium Flowers has floral designers who can help you choose the perfect floral arrangement to give as a gift or help you choose something to bring a taste of spring into your own home.