Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

Posted by stadiumflowers on May 3, 2011 Uncategorized

They’re Here!

That’s right folks – the hanging FUCHSIA baskets have finally arrived!

Nothing says spring (despite this nasty weather!) then the arrival of our hanging baskets. At each of our stores you’ll find a great local crop of baskets grown just for us. We have fuchsias in nearly every color, from the ever-popular Dark Eyes to the palest “Misty Pink.”

Simple care instructions for your hanging fuchsia basket:

–          Water daily, in very warm weather water twice daily.

–          Locate your plant in a shady area. If you must expose it to some sun, only do so in the morning.

–          Fertilize weekly with an all-purpose fertilizer like Miracle Grow.

Fuchsias not quite your thing?

We also have a large selection of Mixed Sun or Shade hanging baskets available. These big guys are loaded with buds just waiting to burst with color at the first sign of sun!