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Stadium Flowers

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When Our State’s Flowers Are The Main Event

Stadium Flowers is excited to bring you the best floral attractions and events our state has to offer, and believe us, there’s plenty to be proud of. Our unique climate is particularly kind to lots of flowers, and our towns and cities are happy to show the results off. Read on to find our top flower attractions in Washington.

Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle

Visit this park nestled along Lake Washington in the spring, when the Japanese Garden’s cherry blossoms are in full bloom. There is much to take in here, given the 230 acres of varied landscapes, so be sure to stop in at the Graham Visitors Center to get your bearings. More than just a feast for the eyes and senses, the arboretum is a major learning opportunity.

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, Skagit, Washington

This event unfolds over the course of a month and invites visitors to explore fields of tulips and multiple gardens at their own pace. A variety of smaller events surround the main one, including a salmon barbecue, various markets, walks, runs and food and wine outings. In short, if you head to Skagit in April, you’re bound to have a good time.

Apple Blossom Festival, Pullman, Washington

This family-friendly event commemorates the arrival of spring by showcasing the blooming pink and white apple blossoms. And it does so for 11 days, during which there’s a carnival, a golf tournament, a parade, an auction and so much more.

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