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White Flower Designs For Every Season

Now that summer is ending, we often are faced with the question- can I still wear (or decorate with) white after Labor Day? Of course you can! While this fashion rule was once a pragmatic piece of advice for staying cool and keeping clothes and living rooms spotless, now we see more and more textiles, fabrics, and accent pieces available in white, even for fall and winter. Choosing to include white in your decor after Labor Day can be as simple as placing a new floral arrangement on your dining room table. The designers at Stadium Flowers have created some beautiful all-white pieces that will enhance the beauty of any space.

Blend winter textures with summer colors with our Wonderland display. This inspired design features the monochromatic colors from a snowy winter day. Ivory calla lilies and fragrant cream roses mingle among rich bold winter greenery for fanciful effect that brings winter’s whites to summer.

Ivory Calla Lilies Floral Arrangement - Stadium Flowers

Choose to introduce white into your decorating palette and watch your favorite room transform. The light, airy feel of soft white, with its clean lines and multi-faceted textures will bring enjoyment all season long. Talk to the floral experts at Stadium Flowers today about the best arrangement for your home or office.