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8 Romantic Reasons to Stay Home on Valentine’s Day

If you need some inspiration for what do to on Valentine’s Day this year, we can help! Here at Stadium Flowers, Everett and Greater Seattle’s best florist, we consider ourselves experts on love and romance and listed some of our favorite at-home date night activities. To get this date off on the right foot, though, make sure your order your Valentine a gorgeous bouquet of Valentine’s Day flowers sooner rather than later. You want to make sure they arrive well before the date starts.

Sweet At-Home Date Ideas You’ll Love

Watch a Romantic Movie

There is no better way to get in a romantic mood than by watching a great love story. Whether a predictable rom-com or a sweeping,  love story for the ages, watching two people who are meant for each other finally get their happy ending is romantic and rewarding.

Scrabble board game with the scrabble tile spell Game Night

Game Night

Have a little friendly competition with your partner to get the sparks flying. Indulge in heated games of poker, video games, trivia, or chess. Add some wine, scented candles, and flowers to make it extra special.

Young Couple Cooking Dinner in kitchen

Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Stoke the fires of love by cooking dinner together. Find a recipe for a gourmet meal you’ve never had before or just make your favorite home-cooked meal. Making dinner together keeps things spicy.

Take an Online Class Together

There are plenty of high-quality instructional courses available today that can teach almost anything you’d like to know about more. Learn ballroom dancing, hip-hop, cooking, or how to paint. Learning as a couple keeps you close and growing.

A dozen roses are complimented by the beauty and sweet scent of fragrant white lilies.

Rose Extraordinaire

Elegance and Love is represented with shades of pink, red and white. This beautiful design features our leaf-wrapped signature clear vase. Pink, red and white lilies, roses, and hydrangea are nestled amongst other floral textures and finished with elegant greens.

Vogue Elegance

Set the Mood

To make this special night stand out from any other night at home, decorate your home with beautiful high-quality fresh flowers, light a few candles, and put on soft, romantic music. Wear dressy clothes if you like and make this a night to remember.

Create a Romantic Dinner Table

Bring out the fine dinnerware, a nice bottle of wine, a vase of gorgeous fresh flowers on the table, and order in or cook your favorite meal. Create your own fine dining experience at home without the crowd.

Couple in front of a computer writing in a notebook

Make a Bucket List Together

Make a list of places, sites, activities, and anything else you’d like to experience in your lifetime, and have your partner do the same. You will no doubt discover something new about each other.

Handmade Valentine's Day card with two pink birds

Make Cards

This is an activity the whole family can do and is more enjoyable than standing in a crowded grocery store aisle trying to find the “right one.” Save your money and cherish the bonding time with family by making one-of-kind Valentine’s Day cards you’ll treasure forever.

Spread the Love

Woman smiling at her bouquet of red roses

Send or Give Flowers

Spread the love by sending Valentine’s Day flowers to someone who could use a little flower love in their life.  You’ll be amazed at how good beautiful fresh flowers can make someone feel, especially when they aren’t expecting it.

Girl holding out a single rose

Pay It Forward

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all kinds of love, not just couples. So pay it forward by performing small acts of love like writing a glowing review of a favorite shop, give out compliments, pass out flowers to strangers, or leave a basket of cookies on your neighbor’s porch.

For all your Valentine’s Day flowers, Stadium Flowers is here to help you have a romantic holiday!