Christmas Wreaths for Home and Office

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christmas wreaths

The Christmas wreath is a holiday tradition. The festive displays adorn our fence posts, our front doors, and our fireplaces, and for good reason. Not only are they beautiful decorations, but natural evergreen wreaths give off the aromatic smell that is synonymous with the holiday season. The team at Stadium Flowers has designed some gorgeous Christmas wreaths, garlands, and swags that will make your home and office joyous just in time for the season.

There are several legends and customs that are tied specifically to the Christmas wreath, some dating back thousands of years.

christmas wreaths

For instance, thousands of years ago – and long before the advent of the Christmas holiday – ancient cultures celebrated the Winter Solstice. These cultures believed that nature was filled with spirits and that the evergreen embodied a spirit of protection since the tree was so resilient through the frigid winter season. Evergreen wreaths were considered able to absorb the energy of the sun and guarantee the return of the warmth of spring.

The ancient Romans used evergreen and laurel wreaths to symbolize victory. When Christianity began to grow throughout the empire, early believers adopted this sign of victory as representing Christ overcoming the grave. Some legends also say that the circular shape of the wreath had no beginning and no end, and was,therefore, an appropriate emblem of eternal life.
christmas wreaths

These customs spread throughout Europe and eventually to America, but through the years, the Christmas wreath has come to simply symbolize the beauty and celebration of the season. In some traditions, however, it is still believed that a wreath hung on your door or in your window welcomes and invites the spirit of Christmas.

Whether embellished with simple pinecones and a red ribbon – or adorned with bells, ornaments, and seasonal snow – there is a Christmas wreath for every style of home decor at Stadium Flowers. We have locations in Everett and Lynnwood for you to browse or speak with one of our designers, or you can simply shop online. We look forward to creating all the fresh evergreen decor you need this season – Happy Holidays!



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