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Stadium Flowers

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Gifts For College Move In Day is Just Around the Corner

Gifts For College Move-in Day: Getting ready for college is a time-honored tradition that is both exciting an a little scary. There are so many questions? What can I bring? What should I buy? Do I have everything I need? Whether your student is moving to the University of Washington or headed to Everett University Center, certain things are essentials like bedding, desk accessories and a laptop. But what else does a freshman need to make sure their living arrangements are both practical and fun? Stadium Flowers has created a list of items that you may not think about for a college dorm room.


Football bouquet of purple and green

Gifts That Show You Care

A Reminder of Your Love. This is perhaps the most essential thing on this list. Your student needs to know that they are supported, encouraged and, most of all, loved. The experts at Stadium Flowers can help you choose just the right arrangement for your freshman’s first dorm room.


For your football fan, start the season off with a BOOM! This Seahawks-inspired design features plenty of bright greens and rich blues and even comes with a football-shaped balloon for celebration the beginning of the season.


Rainbow bouquet of roses



Send her Rainbow Roses to wish her well during her first days on a new campus. These beautiful blooms in reds, oranges, pinks, peaches, and yellows will brighten her day and warm her heart. They’ll also dress up that dorm room and add lovely fragrance, too!




Georgia peach luxury floral arrangements



Our Georgia Peach design will leave her space smelling as sweet as peaches. A bubble bowl filled with white hydrangea, and coral, orange and peach roses will brighten her space and let her know you care.





Garden Violets pink, violet, and lavender

Sweet Garden Violets in a rustic wooden desk drawer leaves a fun impression of vintage design. Fresh violets will last all year long, too, and add fun color to your student’s dorm room.

Useful Gifts

 First Aid Kit. While we all hope that a new college student will be healthy and avoid accidents. But for those minor injuries and illnesses, a first aid kit will put bandages, pain medicine and even anti-bacterial gel at your student’s fingertips. Instead of having to go to the health clinic or borrow from other students, you can feel comfortable knowing that your student has the tools needed for their continued wellness.

 Mini Sewing Kit. Your student is running out the room and snags their pant hem on the door frame or a button pops off a new shirt. Living in a dorm means that freshmen need to learn to fend for themselves for minor sewing issues. Having a good sewing kit containing small scissors, needles and thread will keep those clothes looking fresh and lasting longer than ever. A mini sewing kit can be easily placed in a purse for those on the go mishaps too.

Mini fridge. For the student who needs their milk and cereal in the morning or a cold bottle of water to take to class, a mini-fridge is a required item in a dorm room. Having a supply of healthy foods like salads and fresh fruit will help your college student stay energetic and boost brainpower. A mini fried can also keep medicine fresh.

Pocket Over the Door Organizer. Space can be tight in a dorm room. Closets tend to be small or have to be shared and there is often limited floor space for furniture. A pocket over the door organizer can hang over a closet or bathroom door and provide needed space for fashion accessories such as jewellery or shoes. Keeping crucial items in an out of the way and yet easily accessible area will make dorm living much easier.

While moving away from home for the first time can be both joyous and a little scary, this list of dorm essentials will make sure that you and your student feel confident that they are ready for college living. Stadium Flowers can also make the transition a little easier by providing a beautiful reminder of just how much they are loved.