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Dazzling Mothers Day Flowers For Your Mom’s Unique Personality

It’s springtime in Snohomish County, which means the temps are creeping a little bit higher with each passing day as the humidity slowly ebbs. The Mariners are knocking it out of the park once again, and folks here in Washington hope that maybe this will be their year. While that remains uncertain as usual, however, a sure thing is that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. So remember to grab the perfect gift for the special one in your life to make her feel as valued as she truly is. If you’re unsure how to do that, we here at Stadium Flowers in Lynwood, Washington have you covered with our seasoned team of flower experts. We can work together to create a one-of-a-kind bouquet that’s bound to be a home run with your mom.

The Workout Mom

Getting exercise every day has a host of health benefits, according to science, including a decreased risk of heart disease, less anxiety, and less depression. That’s a fact that all workout moms know, as they fully reap the rewards of a regular fitness regimen. That can look different from one person to the next, but the bottom line is the same: The workout mom loves to move. Show her how much you admire her commitment to a healthy lifestyle this Mother’s Day by giving her a carefully-curated bouquet of orange and white lilies. That will honor her confidence and courage while tipping a hat to her willpower.

The PTA Mom

While PTA moms can sometimes burn the candle at both ends, we salute both their commitment to education and their love for their children. It takes energy and enthusiasm to make sure school affairs are in order, which is why PTA moms impress with their unwavering determination to make sure educational institutions are the best they can be. To honor that spirit, we suggest surprising your school-focused mom with a dazzling arrangement of red tulips this Mother’s Day. These flowers are an enduring symbol of charity, a value that she no doubt holds close to her giving heart.

The New Mom

While becoming a new mother looks different for everyone who experiences this rite of passage, some aspects of new motherhood are pretty universal: sleep schedules get disrupted, household expenses increase, Cheerios seem to multiply on the floor of the car — you get the idea. So this Mother’s Day, bring a little beauty to the new mom in your life with a carefully-curated bouquet of classic carnations and baby’s breath. Carnations stay beautiful without a ton of attention, and baby’s breath honors the arrival of a new young life — a truly thoughtful combination.

The Coffee Mom

Who doesn’t love a hot mug of java? Certainly the coffee mom does, as she’s the first to admit she couldn’t get through the day without it. Often spotted at a coffee shop with a cappuccino and her laptop, she’s happiest when she can enjoy a buzzy caffeine lift as she flawlessly executes her to-do list. To that end, if you’re wondering what to get your coffee mom for Mother’s Day, we suggest a bountiful bouquet of spray roses, arranged bohemian style. It’s a nod to the aesthetics she loves to cultivate in her happiest spaces.

The Plant Mom

Plants are special little life forms that can change how a space looks and feels, which is why they’re great to keep in your home. They have health benefits too, such as improving air quality, lifting your spirits and reducing your stress levels. That’s something that the plant mom can tell you all about, as she has lots of green children dotting the shelves and desks in her home — and cares for each of them with love. Why not acknowledge that special skill this Mother’s Day with a flowing plant that she can add to her little family? We suggest a azalea, which comes in a variety of bold colors that will light up her space.

Whether she never misses a workout, is always taking family photos, or is tending to her family of plants, all moms enjoy feeling appreciated and loved. Make that happen for her this Mother’s Day with a fresh bouquet of dazzling flowers from Stadium Flowers, right her win Lynnwood, Washington.