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Posted by stadiumflowers on November 17, 2017 | Last Updated: November 9, 2020 Uncategorized

Deck the Office Halls

We at Stadium Flowers believe that “decking the halls” doesn’t just mean the one from your home’s foyer to the family room. No, we’d like to see all the halls decked, including the ones at your office, which could probably use a good dose of holiday cheer. Winter greens by nature are hardy, enduring, fragrant plants that do well indoors or out and lend a lot of atmosphere to a space. This makes them the perfect pick for the workplace.

Nothing’s more welcoming during these cold, wet days than being greeted by a holiday wreath hanging on the front door. Make sure your office sets the tone right from the beginning, dressing its doors with something like ourĀ Northwest Christmas Wreath. This locally-made custom piece features lush evergreens, cedar, juniper and pine, casting a scent that clients, customers and coworkers alike will appreciate. A plaid bow and holiday accents complete this traditional look.

Grab an armful of poinsettias – even one makes a big impact, but clustered together or lined up on entry steps? The effect is magical. These too can be placed in office corners, on desks or at tables. They work almost everywhere. Nothing would give us more pleasure here at Stadium Flowers than to work with you in decking your office halls. We’ve got a variety of flowering and green plants, winter greens, wreaths and arrangements to choose from.