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Discover A Natural Pairing Between Chrysanthemums and Autumn

Chrysanthemums and Autumn are naturally a pair. When the cooler weather and shorter evenings of fall arrive, the sturdy chrysanthemum, also known as a mum, can withstand the coming changes and add beauty and brightness to your fall home décor. Selecting large round blooms, small brightly colored flowers or specialty mums such as anemones with vivid hues and black centers make autumn decorations almost effortless.

With holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving on the calendar, adding colorful mums in a variety of sizes will enhance both your indoor and outdoor ornamentation. The floral experts at Stadium Flowers have excellent suggestions for ways to grow or showcase your favorite mums. Take a look at our Chrysanthemum designs and consider how you will use mums in your fall displays.

Daisy Mum

Autumn Day

Spider Mums

Fall Favorite

Regional Variations

There are so many varieties of mums, and many are hardy enough to be grown or potted in the Seattle area. Chrysanthemums are an inexpensive and easy-to-grow plant that certainly shout Autumn is here. One variety of these blooms, known as the Football Mum, is a large flower with a head that can be larger than 6 inches across. Other types of mums that work well in the Seattle area are Button Mums, small, round blooms in various shades of yellow and Quilled Bloom mums that possess lovely long, thin petals with a sense of elegance. 

Quill Mum

Football Mum

Button Mums

Growing Mums

Although mums are generally sold as perennial plants, there are several varieties that can be repotted or planted after the growing season in the Seattle area. Planting in late October or early November will give your Chrysanthemum the best chance to survive the winter. Choose a sunny spot and trim off any dead or dying flowers. After planting, use mulch, straw or pine needles to ensure the plant is covered through the winter. 

When considering your fall plants for your garden or for your autumn decorating displays, make certain that your include several varieties of mums. With so many color, size and texture choices, mums are a favorite bloom to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home. Mums are known for their hardiness and ability to withstand the dropping fall temperatures. These flowers provide vibrant color well after the summer season is over. Talk to the experts at Stadium Flowers to find out more about why chrysanthemums are the perfect fall flower!