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Flowers that Go With Any Baby Shower Theme

Hosting a baby shower can be stressful when trying to create a good theme and attractive decor. But, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place because the experts at Stadium Flowers know a thing or two about throwing amazing baby showers. An essential piece of decor you must include is….flowers. Regardless of your chosen theme, fresh, fragrant flowers elevate your baby shower into a classy and superb event. The flowers are what people will remember the most. Plus, fresh blooms and about-to-be babies go hand in hand as they are both precious and beautiful. So, keep reading for inspiring ideas on baby shower decor, treats, and flowers!

Use Flowers to Make Your Baby Shower Theme Stand Out

Boho Baby Showers

Boho baby showers are about presenting a natural, casual, free-spirited vibe. If this reflects the personality of the mom-to-be, then this is the theme you should go with. Decorations for boho baby showers are simple and earthy, such as casual seating, organic treats and bakery items, vintage table cloths and table ware, and gorgeous fresh blooms in bold colors with lots of greenery. Good choices include daisies, peonies, lilies, ranunculus, and sunflowers.

Rustic Baby Showers

For a rustic baby shower, think natural elements such as wood and stone, decor items in earth tones, and old items repurposed. Succulents and sunflowers are fabulous choices for a rustic theme or a flower arrangement with blooms in neutral colors. Add decor items such as mason jars, old signs, string lights, lanterns, or bird cages filled with flowers, and burlap for a rustic touch, or include additional floral elements such as baby’s breath, eucalyptus,  Craspedia, ranunculus, alstroemeria, and daisies.

Baby Showers for a Boy

Baby showers for boys can include colors such as yellow, orange, and white along with blue. For a stunning flower centerpiece, choose blue flowers like hydrangea, irises, hyacinths, or delphiniums paired with blooms that provide a pop of bright colors such as yellow daffodils, orange mums, or white roses. Have fun with the treats by decorating cupcakes and cookies with blue, white, and orange icing. Blueberry muffins and blue balloons are also a nice touch.

Baby Showers for a Girl

Fill a baby show for a girl with plenty of pink, white, lavender, and purple flowers and decorative accents. Create a beautiful venue fit for a princess with pink and white roses, peonies, purple lilies, lavender, and tulips. The pink and purple color scheme allows for a wide variety of girl-appropriate themes such as ballet princesses, mermaids, butterflies, and fairies. Include tall dessert stands, pink or white paper lanterns, bows, and glitter to complete the look.

Gender Neutral Baby Showers

Gender-neutral baby showers can be just as grand and gorgeous as any boy or girl-themed shower. Think of a color scheme that is monochromatic or full of lovely neutrals such as beige, peach, white, cream, soft yellows, and grays. With the addition of elegant flowers, the venue will look spectacular. Look for blooms such as peach-colored roses, white baby’s breath, yellow mums or carnations, and cream-colored peonies surrounded by lots of greenery. You can also include plenty of gender-neutral images such as bumblebees, ducks, giraffes, llamas, and teddy bears.

Throwing a beautifully designed and thoughtful baby shower is easier than you think. As long as you fill the venue with flowers, you will be golden. Check out some of our striking seasonal blooms here, and for all your flower occasions, Stadium Flowers always provides the best.