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Posted by stadiumflowers on February 18, 2019 Uncategorized

IFD’s Floral Forecast Is Here

The folks at IFD have released their favorite floral looks for 2019, introducing four unique approaches that are sure to inspire industry types and flower fans alike. Stadium Flowers is pleased to offer our own take on two of these styles, Ethereal Bliss and Hear Me Roar. Flower designs that fit into the first category give off a polished but serene vibe, using soft pinks and grays for a muted, minimalist appeal. In the latter category, designs are bold both in color and shape, evoking emotion and drama and infusing a space with energy.

Our take on Ethereal Bliss blends earthy fern with romantic hydrangea, lily, and rose, keeping the style’s signature color (blush pink) at the fore. Blush Elegance provides the kind of calm, restful feeling that gives this approach its easy appeal.

On the other hand, Hear Me Roar commands attention, with flower designs striking artful poses in provocative colors and arrangements.  Island Fever  is a good example of the form, with its towering bromeliad creating height and scale and impressive bird of paradise just below it. Anthurium and mum create an arresting scene at the base of this spectacular beauty.

We’re happy to design with IFD’s four styles in mind, whether you’re looking for a piece that will give your space that wow factor or interested in a subtler, more contemplative arrangement. We’re looking forward to working within all of the trends, and lending our own style to them while we’re at it.