Recognizing Everett’s Best Bosses

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It can be a difficult thing to get up for work every day when you don’t like your job. Conversely, when you love your job, it takes little effort to get there. A great boss goes a long way to establishing an environment that is positive, productive, dynamic and rewarding – and if you are lucky enough to have such a boss, you may want to mark October 16 on your calendar! Stadium Flowers has many recommendations as to what to send to show your appreciation!

National Boss’s Day was made official in 1962. It was originally the idea of a State Farm Insurance employee in Chicago, who thought the day would help to enhance relationships between companies and their employees. Although not as known as some other observances, it is gaining traction and is recognized in several other countries besides the United States.


Green plants make great gifts for the office, and our unique Woodland Garden is sure to get your boss’s attention! This Pacific Northwest-themed garden ir arranged in a faux wood log overflowing with ferns and other moisture- loving plants. What a special addition to any desk or office.

Orchids are an elegant and sophisticated addition to any office, and are a beautiful, long lasting way to show your boss that you think they are awesome. Get your entire team together, and surprise your bosses with this memorable gift.


There are many bosses in the country; in fact, there are approximately 11 million in the workforce. If you work in the Seattle area or right here in Everett, and have a boss worthy of recognition – come into Stadium Flowers and find a beautiful way to say thank you for their efforts and support.



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