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Romantic Bouquets & Arrangements

August is National Romance Month, and love is in the air! And although Valentine’s Day gets all the accolades, this celebration gives you a unique opportunity to shower your sweetheart with love all month long. It’s the little things that mean the most – so whether an intimate picnic at your favorite park, a love poem left in her briefcase, or a bouquet of flowers arriving unexpectedly, this is your chance to shine.

The floral experts at Stadium Flowers. are here to help. We’ve been conspiring with you to pull off romantic plans for 70 years, and we’ve seen a lot of love. After all, love knows no season and needs no reason. So this month, bring on the romance!

A dozen roses are complimented by the beauty and sweet scent of fragrant white lilies. Make an impression with this gorgeous and naturally sweet-scented arrangement. We offer same-day flower delivery to our local customers in Everett, Lynnwood, Seattle, WA or nationwide.

Romance & Flowers Go Together Like Romeo & Juliet

Romantic Flowers: When people are asked what the most romantic flower is, the red rose is the undisputed winner. This champion of true love and devotion is iconic and needs no explanation. Coral or orange roses also represent passion, and white roses reflect pure love, making them perfect for bridal bouquets. However, there are other flowers that carry a romantic message – and may perfectly speak to your personal love story.

Orchids are known to represent love and beauty, while peonies signify marital happiness. The daisy represents young, innocent love and red carnations, deep, abiding love. For a special touch, add vines of ivy to your bouquet, which represent faithfulness.

Benefits of Romance: Studies have shown that men who kiss their spouses as they leave in the morning make more money! It seems that affectionate men are also more reliable and more productive at work, translating into better paychecks. By the way, romantic men also live five years longer. So kiss your sweetheart, work hard, and enjoy the benefits!

Perfect blush, cream, pink and coral create an elegant mix of fresh flowers. These trendy and beautiful flowers are the perfect gift! Garden roses, spray roses, hydrangea and elegant premium textures placed in a rose gold ceramic vase. Ceramic rose gold hammered copper style vase

Here Are a Few More Cool Facts About LoveĀ 

  • Men fall in love quicker than women do.
  • Love is like a drug and is as addictive as cocaine.
  • Women are highly attracted to men who have a good sense of humor.
  • Hugging your partner instantly reduces stress.
  • Being in love improves your both your emotional and physical health.
  • Cuddling releases “happy” hormones and improves your mood and wellbeing.
  • Being in love is known to reduce chronic pain.
  • Honesty helps relationships last.

National Romance month is a fun opportunity to show off your romantic skills – but if you aren’t exactly sure where to begin, call the professionals at Stadium Flowers. We’ll help you choose the perfect bouquet or floral arrangement to sweep your sweetheart off her feet.

We deliver throughout Everett, Lynnwood, and the greater Seattle area.