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Spread the Love to Friends This Valentine’s Day

We will always remember looking forward to Valentine’s Day as kids. It was a day in which children celebrate love in all its forms and show their friends, teachers, and parents how much they love them with sweet little slips that say things like “you rock.” As adults, we impart the same message each Valentine’s Day, but our messages of love and gratitude are a little more personalized, usually with cards and flowers. By showing that same affection, we carry on the Valentine’s Day tradition! Our favorite tradition is the colorful floral arrangements filled with amazing symbolic blooms to show everyone we love and appreciate that we are thinking about them. The experts here at Stadium Flowers, the top florist in Everett, WA, are sharing Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are perfect for guys, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the girls, and neighbors.

How to Select a Fun Valentine’s Day Surprise

Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

Gifting flowers to your bestie may be an easier decision if you know their taste and preference. Sending them a brilliant Valentine’s or Galantine’s Day bouquet is a nice way to celebrate your friendship. You may want to avoid roses since they might send a different message. Instead, we recommend you find a fitting symbolic bloom such as alstroemeria, sunflowers, cymbidium orchids, and hydrangeas. These blooms send messages of devotion, admiration, loyalty, friendship, family, unity, support, and more, making them excellent choices for honoring close friends.

Gift Ideas for the Girls

Women are generally quite fond of elegant and beautiful bouquets of flowers, especially on Valentine’s day. Whether you leave it as a surprise for them at home or deliver it to the office, you girlfriends will be ecstatic when they lay their eyes on the colorful stems. While roses are the most popular choice for Valentine’s Day, consider choosing a color or flower that perfectly represents your relationship or friendship. For instance, yellow roses represent positivity and happiness, pink signifies grace and femininity, green symbolizes luck and harmony, and blue is connected to serenity and peace.

Gift Ideas for Men

The Men in your life may not be expecting an arrangement of fresh flowers or plants, instead anticipating a new set of golf balls or plaque for the desk. However, that doesn’t mean an arrangement of flowers isn’t a great choice for your guy friends. The idea that flowers are a gift exclusively for women is one that is fading quickly into the past, and most men would actually be delighted to receive a plant or flower arrangement to spruce up their home and remind them that they are loved and admired. Hardy, bold, and tropical flowers are particularly smart choices, such as carnations, gerbera daisies, orchids, birds of paradise, and peace lilies.

Gift Ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day can also be a day to celebrate other people’s love; for instance, a recently engaged or married friend or family member. If you are looking for that perfect couple’s gift, start with a romantic collection of flowers they can enjoy, like red and white roses, carnations, or lilies. Then, pair this magnificent flower arrangement with a gift to enhance the romance or promote a romantic night. Flavored popcorn, a bottle of wine, their favorite movie or rom-com, a cozy blanket, or tickets to an experience are all wonderful ideas to ensure the couple you love has a sweet and memorable Valentine’s Day together.

Gift Ideas for Neighbors

The people living in our neighborhoods and communities can always be there for us if we need an extra cup of sugar or someone to let the dog out in the afternoons. Over time, our neighbors can become dear friends. As each holiday rolls around, especially Valentine’s Day, a fresh bouquet is sure to enhance their day, filling it with love and gratitude. Choose a floral arrangement that includes cheerful hues, their favorite colors, or Valentine’s Day pinks to symbolize joy, thoughtfulness, grace, appreciation, and happiness.

Gift Ideas for Co-workers

Did you know that flowers and plants can enhance productivity by 15%? Whether your co-workers are women or men, a brilliant bouquet can not only add a pop of color and joy to the workplace environment but also promote a more efficient workday. Orange blossoms, like dahlias, hibiscus, lilies, and gerbera daisies, are a great choice as they symbolize enthusiasm, success, warmth, joy, happiness, and passion for both work and life. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your co-workers?

Flowers make the best gifts for all occasions, but Valentine’s Day, in particular, is one of the best. Flowers carry lots of meaning and make an excellent gift for celebrating a day of love. Arrangements can be found in symbolic colors, luxurious or inexpensive, and personalized or tailored to each “love” in your life. Make sure to say “I love you” with a stunning collection of Valentine’s Day blooms from Stadium Flowers.