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Stadium Flowers – Thanksgiving

thanksgivingWhen the Pilgrims and native Indians sat down to a celebratory dinner in 1621, they had no idea of the legacy that would follow. That first meal was an expression of thanks on many levels – the settlers were grateful to their Indian friends for their help with farming, and they were thankful for a bountiful harvest. After all, their first year in the New World had been especially harsh, ravaged by sickness and exposure. This feast signaled the beginning of a successful new life; unfortunately, the three day gathering would be the last of its kind for many years. Thanksgiving did not become an annual event for two hundred more years.

The Pilgrim’s table included the wheat, barley and corn that they had grown; it also would have been overflowing with lobster and wild fruits. According to letters regarding the historic meal, the Indians brought 5 deer, waterfowl, and turkey. And while the holiday has changed over the years, the turkey has remained a staple – it is estimated that 95% of Americans will eat turkey on Thanksgiving. From that common ground, the meals are varied, regional and full of personal tradition.

The holiday table itself holds much significance. This season of gratefulness inherently includes our closest family and friends, gathered in one place for a meaningful meal meant to celebrate blessings. Our beautiful Cornucopia makes for a striking centerpiece or entry decoration for such a special event.

If you are invited elsewhere for dinner, how about surprising your host with this gorgeous arrangement as a gift? Stadium Flowers can help you create a Thanksgiving bouquet worthy of any home or décor; choose from lilies, roses, mums, gerbera daisies and more for an explosion of seasonal color.

For all the changes that have occurred in the last 400 years, the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday has remained – because love, friendship and expressions of gratitude are timeless. Stadium Flowers wishes you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving.