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The Dazzling Jewel Tones Of Fall’s Flowers To Bring Into Your Home Now

Autumn is a season of change, in which we often thrill at the onset of cooler temperatures, crisp textures and changing colors. This season, fill your home with all the color and wonder of autumn when you infuse your favorite room in the house with beautiful jewel-toned floral arrangements. These colors, in contrast to the traditional harvest hues seen this time of year, are bold, bright and will invigorate any room with new energy. Stadium Flowers has created some amazing designs with these jewel-toned blooms that will fill you with the warmth of the season.

The autumn season brings a fantastic collection of dreamy and sensational flowers to light. Some of the most popular and trendy autumn flowers are rich and regal jewel-tone blooms that mimic the hues of precious gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. Jewel-toned flowers offer a cozy feeling that welcomes the fall season with warmth, similar to how a soft sweater, roaring fireplace, or hot sweet beverage helps us enjoy the transition into this new season. Whether you display jewel-toned blooms in your living room, office, or as a Thanksgiving centerpiece, you cannot deny their rightful place in autumn decor. Here at Stadium Flowers, we are exploring some of our favorite flowers that fall on the jewel-toned spectrum sure to strike your fancy.

A Cozy Rainbow of Jewel-Toned Blooms

Sapphire Thistle

Cool blue like sapphire, blue thistle is a common accent to spot in sensational fall arrangements. While their jewel-toned hue is enough to lure you in, their unique shape and spikey petals add a level of excitement, regality, and unexpectedness when nestled among soft, round, fluffy blooms.

Amber Dahlias

One of the showstoppers of autumn flowers, the orange dahlia, is large, bold, and multidimensional, with many layers of quirky petals. Their warm, jewel tone orange hue screams fall while mirroring the gemstone citrine and symbolizing elegance and positivity.

Gold Sunflowers

Golden yellow sunflowers are another warm jewel-tone bloom that many people simply adore. Their brilliance lights up any room or arrangement, while the dark undertone of a sunflower’s iconic yellow hue paired with its deep brown center keeps its color grounded.

Amethyst Calla Lilies

Purple calla lilies offer a dark and moody tone to fall bouquets and Thanksgiving centerpieces. Their cool jewel tone speaks to the violet variety of quartz, also known as amethyst. Sometimes referred to as “black,” depending on the bloom, purple calla lilies are ideal for “spooky season.”

Ruby Asiatic Lilies

Red Asiatic lilies can have a luxurious and prominent black undertone, reflecting the vibrant elegance of red ruby gemstones. Lilies are always a dazzling addition to autumn arrangements as their large petals and anthers draw your attention to their undeniable romantic beauty.

Emerald Eucalyptus

Loved and admired for all occasions year-round, eucalyptus is especially alluring as its cool, emerald, green hue enlivens and rejuvenates autumn floral arrangements. Whether silver dollar eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, or “baby blue” eucalyptus, it is the perfect accent to vivid jewel-toned blooms.

Bronze Chrysanthemums

Last but surely not least are bronze chrysanthemums paying homage to gorgeous amber. Mums themselves are shining stars and icons of the autumn season, and with brown undertones adding depth and dimension to the yellow and orange hues, they are a stunner on the jewel-tone spectrum.

Add a splash of dazzling bright jewel-tone flowers to your home when you select one of these stunning bouquets. Inspire creativity and a joyful spirit with deep, rich colors and textures throughout your home. Talk to the floral designers at Stadium Flowers for ideas about how to incorporate these amazing hues in your home.

Between the warm, cozy feelings and extraordinary fall foliage that paints our world with golden hues, the autumn season is favored by many. Here at Stadium Flowers, we embrace this season of transition and celebrate it the best way we know how, with autumn blooms that enhance your home, office, or Thanksgiving table. Whether looking to add a festive touch of color to your space or gift a dinner host a sensational autumn arrangement, you will never go wrong with jewel-toned flowers.