Stadium Flowers

Stadium Flowers

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Family Traditions, Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is a holiday overflowing with tradition. Whether your traditions are historical or have personal meaning within your family, these memories are special and last a lifetime.

The Stadium Flowers Tradition

Thanksgiving CelebrationsIn 1960, Elaine Ransick began selling flowers out of her family grocery store, and by 1970, with a full-time designer and delivery truck, she and her husband were in the flower business. Stadium Flowers has been a tradition in the Everett and Lynnwood area ever since, and we have had the privilege of working with many of you to add home decor and flowers for your holiday table. This year, we would be honored to once again be a beautiful part of your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Our Thanksgiving traditions are well-established, but did you ever wonder where they originated? We thought we would take a quick look back to learn where our most popular customs started, and to see how they are changing with modern life. For instance, the turkey is one of the most iconic and prolific elements of the holiday, with 88% of Americans putting the bird on their plate on Thanksgiving. Of the 212 million turkeys eaten each year, 46 million of them are eaten on the same day. But you may be surprised to learn that the Pilgrims at Plymouth probably didn’t eat turkey at the first Thanksgiving – history records venison, smaller waterfowl, and seafood including lobster and clams were on the menu. Some suspect, however, that turkey was a staple of the settler’s diet, and therefore a logical choice for subsequent Thanksgiving celebrations. Turkeys were abundant, easy to hunt and not used for any other aspect of livelihood (like chickens, which provided eggs.)

The Modern Tradition

Deep-frying turkeys has been gaining in popularity over the last three decades. This Cajun method of preparation requires minimal cooking time and results in a juicy, crispy and delicious deep fried taste. Traditionalists, however, may miss the long hours of smelling the turkey roasting in the oven.

Since 1924, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a national tradition. The idea was originally conceived by immigrant employees who wanted to express their thankfulness for their new home and jobs. Balloons were released at the end of the inaugural parade, a likely precursor to the famous massive floating balloons the parade is known for. Ten years later, another Thanksgiving tradition was born, when the struggling Detroit Lions franchise, only 5 years old, was desperately trying to attract fans. Choosing to schedule a game on a day that no one else played proved to be a huge success, and the Lions have taken the field annually for nearly 9 decades. (The Dallas Cowboys launched a similar program in 1966, and a third, rotating roster of teams for post-meal enjoyment was added in 2006).

Thanksgiving celebrations
Thanksgiving Celebrations

The Modern Tradition

More families are reporting that the new tradition after the meal is preparing for Black Friday. Once the meal is completed, strategizing over where to go and what to buy begins. In small but growing numbers, families go out to dinner instead of preparing (and cleaning up after) a meal of their own making – thus putting them in the shopping action right after dinner.

Whichever Thanksgiving you prefer – traditional, contemporary or a mix of both – Stadium Flowers remains one of the Thanksgiving traditions you can count on. For home decor, seasonal centerpieces or Thanksgiving hostess gifts, call us today and get your order in early!