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Tropical Flowers to Add Decor

tropical flowersFlowers have been a large part of our lives since the day we were born, whether we realize it or not. A bouquet of flowers welcomes a new baby into the world; children pick wildflowers for their mothers; we receive arrangements for birthdays and anniversaries, and floral bouquets are even utilized to console the family after a death. Flowers quietly provide the backdrop for every stage of our life, it seems. But there are also many times that flowers are simply flowers – they add grace and beauty to homes and offices, and have the power to transform a space from boring into brilliant. This summer, utilize tropical flowers to infuse your home with a unique aesthetic seasonal flair.

tropical flowersStadium Flowers has a wide selection of striking florals that originated in paradise, but make for amazing arrangements for your home! Some exotic species, like the bird of paradise and red ginger, are easily recognizable. Other amazing tropical blooms, including the protea, heliconia, and anthurium as lesser known varieties, but equally as stunning – showcasing the vibrant colors and unique shapes that exotic tropicals are known for.

tropical flowersThere is one flower from the tropical regions that is universally known, desired and loved. The orchid is one of the most cherished of flowers and is grown in many countries and thousands of species. Some of the more popular varieties in floral arranging include the dendrobium orchid, which is purple or white and often used in floral leis. The phalaenopsis orchid is very familiar to those who buy orchids for household décor; this bloom is often potted as a single, double or triple stem and can be acquired in a vast spectrum of colors.

tropical flowersProtea, Fuji mums, bromeliads, heliconia – the list of choices to transform your décor into an island paradise is extensive. If you want to surround yourself with the ambiance of the tropics, browse our site, stop into Stadium Flowers to speak to a floral professional about designing a dramatic tropical floral arrangement for your home.