Favorites in Tropicals

Make someone's special day that much more colorful with a tropical arrangement! These exotic flowers, like birds of paradise, orchids, and red anthuriums, will bring a smile wherever they're delivered, locally around Lynnwood, WA, surrounding areas, or across the country. 

Sending tropical flowers from Stadium Flowers to the Greater Seattle area is an indulgence in the extraordinary, vibrant celebration of nature's most dazzling creations. 

Tropical flowers hail from the world's equatorial regions, where intense sunlight and abundant rainfall foster blooms of spectacular color, unique form, and dramatic presence. These are the stars of the botanical world, each petal and leaf bursting with life. Tropical flowers, such as the fiery heliconia, the majestic bird of paradise, and the delicate hibiscus, stand out for their intense colors, intricate shapes, and ability to evoke the lushness of their native, balmy climates. Exotic flowers, on the other hand, refer more broadly to any species originating from a foreign land, encompassing a wide range of blooms, including tropical ones. What sets tropical flowers apart is their origin from the world's tropical regions and their unparalleled ability to bring the warmth and vibrancy of those regions into any setting.

Choosing tropical flowers from Stadium Flowers means opting for an eruption of color and exoticism that defies the ordinary. They are a statement, a bold declaration of beauty and rarity, perfectly suited for those moments when only the most extraordinary gesture will do. With Stadium Flowers, sending a bouquet of tropical flowers is like sending a slice of paradise, a breathtaking escape from the every day, right to the doorstep in the Greater Seattle area.

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