Customer Testimonials

We love to hear what our customers have to say. The more you tell us, the better we can do for you. We always welcome your comments.

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you. I was having trouble ordering online so I called your store for assistance. The phone was answered promptly and I was not put on hol. The woman that I spoke with was the nicest, sweetest person I have talked with on a phone in a long time . Very helpful and made me feel like a valued customer. I really appreciate that kind of service. Please keep up the great work-- I will be using you as my 'go to' flower store from now on. Have a great day.. and thanks again Terri
The roses (for 25th Anniversary to our son and daughter in law) needed to be very special. We heard from both of them "the greatest arrangement we've ever seen, looked like in a magazine!!" Thank you Stadium - great service. Carol W.
I requested your contact information from Chelsea because I wanted you to know what a pleasure it has been working with her. My wedding is this Friday the 24th and I met with FIVE different florists and Chelsea’s customer service has blown me away! The price quotes and quality of flowers has been fairly close across the board, but her attention to detail and ability to grasp exactly what I was thinking has been right on target! She responds quickly and friendly and has been a HUGE help to me! Congrats on your excellent employee! Karen H.
The flowers were an absolute dlight to the lady they were sent to. She said she had never received flowers as lovely as those were. She is 'still' trying to keep them blooming! She has photographed them and shown them to all of her friends, over and over again! She has truly loved and enjoyed each and everyone of them! Thank you! Donna B.
The arrangement was expertly comprised, the vase was exquisite...thank you! However, it didn't get him out of trouble! :) S. Gower
She especially liked the "rare" little lavender roses...thank you! Patricia
A customer called to say that the flowers were still beautiful after almost 2 weeks and wanted to compliment Stadium Flower on the great arrangements. She got one at Christmas too and thought it was just as fabulous. She saw our Customer Satisfaction Survey and thought she would just call instead. The Spencers
The flowers were great! They lasted for the days needed for our convention. Thank you!! Kendall
The rose smelled like the freshest rose! The carnations as fresh too! I had just had breast cancer surgery and the warm, spring, happy colors made me forget the needles, pain, and worries. I can't believe your driver came all the way from Everett! Judy
Thank you for the prompt response and the $5 credit. We remain "happy campers" with regards to our friends at Stadium Flowers D. Parker
Service is always good, flowers always look great! Brenda
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful service. I live in Sacramento, and I was a bit afraid to order from a florist that I don't know very well. I've used your service two times now, and I've been very pleased with both of the flower arrangements that I ordered from you. The flowers looked amazing, and my friend at Stevens Hospital love her flowers. Toni S
Always caring attitude & customer friendly! I always feel I get great value for my money! Debbie K.
I've never been disappointed nor had friends that I send to.... Thank you. Fran C.
My ordered included a Mother Day's arrangement for my mother-in-law, who called me -delighted- when it arrived and an arrangement for my hospitalized sister, to enjoy when she got home. I am very glad she was able to enjoy her flowers, because her health deteriorated very quickly during May. She passed away at the beginning of June and her request was for no flowers. Thank you for providing something she could enjoy, while she was still feeling ok. Julie W.
The flowers were more than just flowers they were a beautifuly designed decoration for the Christmas table. Thank you so much for the delivery. Georgia P.