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Using Cornucopias this Thanksgiving

cornucopiaQuestion: What does Thanksgiving and Greek mythology have in common?

Answer: The cornucopia

Most mistakenly believe that the traditional cornucopia – or horn of plenty – originated with the Pilgrims and Indians at the first Plymouth Thanksgiving. But the first mention we find of this classic symbol actually reaches all the way back to 5 B.C, and the stories of Zeus as a child. The grecian myth tells us that the infant god was raised by a goat named Amalthea; Zeus’ mother had hidden him to protect him from his homicidal father. Amalthea cared for and protected Zeus, and as he grew, she played with him. One day they were wrestling, and Zeus, not realizing the strength he was developing, broke off the goat’s horn. Feeling remorse, he returned the horn – except it now had the power to provide an endless supply of food and drink.

The word cornucopia is, therefore, derived from the Latin words for horn and plenty, giving it is commonly used nickname. The horn of plenty is known as a universal symbol of abundance, prosperity and good luck. It remained in use through European festivals and was most likely brought to the new world by the Mayflower travelers. Although traditionally the cornucopia would have been filled to the brim with items from the annual harvest, as well as wild nuts and berries; in more modern times they tend to be overflowing with seasonal fall flowers.

Stadium Flowers offers this horn shaped basket, with lilies, sunflowers, mums and roses; as well as accent details such as wheat stalks for an authentic harvest look. This stunning centerpiece is sure to be the center of attention – at least until the turkey is done! For all your Thanksgiving décor needs, from floral arrangements to bouquets, Stadium is ready to adorn Everett with the bounty of the autumn season. We look forward to seeing you online or in our shop – and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.