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Stadium Flowers

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Welcoming New Neighbors with Orchids

We give flowers for many occasions in life. Whether to celebrate a birthday or acknowledge an achievement, beautiful floral designs just make every day better.

When new arrivals move into your Everett neighborhood, giving a housewarming gift is a wonderful way to let them know you are glad they are there! While there are many meaningful gestures to choose from – like cooking them a meal or helping to move boxes into the house – orchids from Stadium Flowers are a long-lasting and beautiful token of a new friendship.

Paradise Garden presents a collection of exotic orchids in a whitewashed wood container. We add green plants and natural twigs and grasses for an organic presentation that will look gorgeous in any style of home design. Whether country charm or contemporary modern, the delicate orchid is a smart decor choice and a thoughtful gift.

Another orchid design which we recommend is a single phalaenopsis stem, arranged in a geometric cube with a simple and elegant aesthetic. The flowers are versatile enough to be perfect for a kitchen windowsill or a living room end table.

new neighbors

Housewarming History: Interestingly, housewarming gifts once consisted of one thing – firewood! In the days before electricity, family and friends gathered to provide the new homeowners with enough wood to stay warm through their first winter, resulting in the name of the tradition.

Stadium Flowers is your go-to location in Everett and the greater Seattle area for any floral designs you may need. Whether welcoming new neighbors or congratulating old friends, you can trust our experts to create the most beautiful arrangements and bouquets available.