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Why English Garden Style Arrangements Belong in Your Home

What is it about English Garden Style bouquets that make them so unique and wonderful? Is it the flowers? Yes, it’s always the flowers, but for this particular design, it’s more about how the flowers are gathered and displayed and that the flowers are all from the same season that makes it truly special. The feeling the English Garden Style inspires is one of walking through one of the English Cottage gardens that are sprinkled across the English countryside. What’s immediately noticeable is the lushness, colors,  variety of plants and flowers, and an overall feeling of abundance and Mother Nature at work. 

English Country Cottage

Here at Stadium Flowers, our expert flower designers love creating the English Garden Style, also known as the English Cottage style, because it allows us to use fresh, seasonal blooms with lots of greenery to capture the essence of an English garden. Perfect for any occasion or to get your Downton Abbey on, this is a style with loads of English charm!  

Birdbath in English Cottage Garden

English Garden Style Basics

With lots of leafy foliage, large English Garden Style arrangements are typically round or oval. The types of blooms must all be seasonal as they’d grow naturally in nature. Large blooms such as roses, dahlias, and peonies are popular as well as spikey elements such as larkspur, snapdragon, and delphinium. This is an arrangement which is not supposed to look overly stylized or fussy, but rather organic, loose, and natural, as if the flowers were just snipped from the garden and immediately placed in a decorative pot. 

Gorgeous peonies mixed with greenery. Give a breathtakingly beautiful and unique gift. Note that each farm fresh bouquet is hand-crafted and will naturally vary from the sampled photos including peonies, Fresh cut garden flowers and unique herbs.

Farm Fresh Peony Bouquet

The colors of this style are typically bright and varied but also can be from a pastel-colored palette. Full of grace and charm, there is also an understated elegance to the English Garden Style, which is probably why it’s often seen at weddings. 

Farmers Market Delivery! Vintage colors and our freshest seasonal flowers wrapped with a burlap ribbon. Or send a vintage mix in a rope-handled vase! Fresh flowers may vary.

Vintage Bouquet

Best Occasions for Use

From Mother’s Day to Just Because, the English Garden Style arrangement is ideal for truly any occasion. Its subtle gorgeousness whispers rather than screams and the full, lush blooms speak volumes about growth and vitality tempered by the magical, organized chaos of nature. It’s the perfect gift for anyone you know as well as the perfect gift to yourself when you want to add loads of English charm to your life and to your home.