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The Plants We Care For Care For Us

By stadiumflowers on September 10, 2018 in Plants. 0 Comments

If you’ve ever cared for plants before, you have probably noticed their tendency to wilt a bit when neglected. As soon as you restore them with water and sunshine- their basic needs- they perk back up. The same is true of us. We need regular care and when we don’t get it, we can start to wilt. Take a lesson from your favorite potted plant and give yourself the care you need so you can feel restored and balanced again. Get a pedicure, take a walk outside, schedule time to read a book or watch a movie. Then give yourself the gift of a beautiful houseplant or dish garden as a reminder that we all need regular nourishment to operate at our best. Stadium Flowers has a wide selection of plant choices for you to peruse. Read More about The Plants We Care For Care For Us

Make Your Event Matter With Flowers That Do

By stadiumflowers on August 31, 2018 in Flowers. 0 Comments

A special occasion often calls for a sophisticated or elaborate celebration. Giving gifts, spending time together and sending flowers are all ways to help turn a milestone into a special occasion. Celebrating with the man or woman of the hour shows your love and care for them. When you include flowers in the celebration, you communicate a powerful message of love, encouragement and congratulations that will be remembered long after the occasion has ended. The floral designers at Stadium Flowers have created some elegant pieces that will only add to the celebratory vibe of any special occasion. Read More about Make Your Event Matter With Flowers That Do

Send Some Love And Flowers This Grandparents Day

By stadiumflowers on August 27, 2018 in Flowers, Grandparents Day. 0 Comments

The tradition of presenting grandparents with flowers or gifts began with the advent of National Grandparents Day in the 1970s. Marian McQuade started this occasion in her home state of West Virginia, and by the late 70s it had grown into a day of national observance. One tradition that has started to fade in more recent years was that of giving Forget-Me-Nots to grandparents. Stadium Flowers suggests we revive this tradition or update it with flowers of your choosing. What are your grandparents’ favorite flowers? Read More about Send Some Love And Flowers This Grandparents Day

White Flower Designs For Every Season

By stadiumflowers on August 19, 2018 in Flowers. 0 Comments

Now that summer is ending, we often are faced with the question- can I still wear (or decorate with) white after Labor Day? Of course you can! While this fashion rule was once a pragmatic piece of advice for staying cool and keeping clothes and living rooms spotless, now we see more and more textiles, fabrics, and accent pieces available in white, even for fall and winter. Choosing to include white in your decor after Labor Day can be as simple as placing a new floral arrangement on your dining room table. The designers at Stadium Flowers have created some beautiful all-white pieces that will enhance the beauty of any space. Read More about White Flower Designs For Every Season

Farm Fresh Flowers & The Bees That Love Them

By stadiumflowers on August 12, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

As the call for more organic products becomes loud and clear, farmers everywhere are beginning to trade in former methods of pest-control for safer and more environmentally-friendly ways. When you support your local farms, you encourage these practices even more, and help a local business thrive, as well. Even flowers can be grown responsibly and free of harmful toxins. Stadium Flowers recommends choosing farm-fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables where eco-friendly methods are being used in all of the crop production. By buying locally and from environmentally-conscious growers, you are encouraging the healthy development of produce and flowers in your area. Read More about Farm Fresh Flowers & The Bees That Love Them

Kitchen Flowers To Balance The Busy Life

By stadiumflowers on August 4, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

Often times, we think of our kitchens as a busy work space, full of activity and maybe even a little bit of chaos. Preparing meals, cleaning up after meals, and sometimes even eating the meal itself can create a frenzy of busyness. Stadium Flowers recommends creating some balance between the busy life of a kitchen and the calming effect of a beautiful plant, bouquet or dish garden. Bringing a bit of nature into your kitchen counter or bar area can add a finishing touch that leaves everything a little calmer. Read More about Kitchen Flowers To Balance The Busy Life

Your Soundtrack For Summer

By stadiumflowers on July 16, 2018 in Flowers. 0 Comments

Flowers have always inspired artists, writers and musicians. Whether they're providing the subject matter for a painting, a movie, a book, or a song, flowers have helped create some of our most enduring artistic works. Stadium Flowers loves to see the floral landscape explored through art, especially when it comes to music. And given the season, we thought it was the perfect time to bring you a playlist filled with floral-centric tunes, the kind of songs that take a note from the natural world. So cue up your sound dock and enjoy the sweet sweet sounds of summer. Read More about Your Soundtrack For Summer

Your Floral Care Questions Answered

By stadiumflowers on July 9, 2018 in Flowers. 0 Comments

When you get or give fresh flowers, part of the enjoyment taken in them has to do with the fact that they won't last forever. A bright, lush floral design will only last so long, but while it does, it gives us so much pleasure and expresses so much. There are a few things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your flowers and to keep them looking fresh and crisp longer. Stadium Flowers is bringing you our best tips below. Read More about Your Floral Care Questions Answered

Travel To Hawaii From Your House

By stadiumflowers on July 2, 2018 in Flowers, Summer Flowers. 0 Comments

Even if you aren't going somewhere exotic this summer, Stadium Flowers is here to reassure you, it's going to be okay. If you're faced with the prospect of seeing everyone else's amazing trips posted all over social media this July, or you've got the travel bug real bad but haven't planned that major vacay this summer, don't fret. It's entirely possible to evoke a well-traveled vibe in your own home without packing a single bag or booking a single flight. Do it through flowers. Read More about Travel To Hawaii From Your House