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Your Guide for Orchid Symbolism, Significance, and History

Among our favorite flowering plants at Stadium Flowers, the best florist in the Greater Seattle area, is the exotic and wondrous orchid. Its symbolism of love, thoughtfulness, refinement, fertility, and charm is just the tip of this fantastic flower. With an alluring rarity and natural beauty, the orchid has been highly sought-after and admired since the Victorian Ages. Prior to that time, this bloom was used by the ancient Greeks to help predict the gender of babies, and the ancient Aztecs believed the orchid carried powers of great strength and courage. Today, these breathtaking blooms are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a multitude of occasions, such as weddings, baby showers, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries. Dive deeper into the world of orchids and discover more about this treasured flower in our blogs below.

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