Two butterflies dance together in a rose garden just for you.

Dancing Butterflies

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Two butterflies dance together in a rose garden just for you. Rose color may vary based on availability. 

The approximate size for standard is 14"W x 10"H.

The Dancing Butterflies arrangement from Stadium Flowers is a poetic garden scene captured in a delightful display. It's a tableau of nature’s grace, where the gentle beauty of roses meets the whimsical charm of butterflies, creating an enchanting spectacle just for you.

In this idyllic creation, soft-hued roses bloom in unison, their petals unfurling to reveal a heart of tender color that may vary depending on what’s most beautiful and fresh that day. Amidst this blossoming bed of roses, two vibrant butterflies are poised as if caught mid-dance, their wings spread in joyous motion, adding a splash of vivid color and a sense of movement to the serene garden. Nestled within a rustic wooden container, this arrangement blends the rustic with the refined. The bow, adorned with a floral pattern, echoes the roses' delicate charm, tying the garden together in a celebration of flora and fauna. With an approximate size of 14 inches wide and 10 inches high, Dancing Butterflies is perfectly proportioned to grace any space with its natural splendor. It's a lovely way to bring a touch of the serene outdoors into someone’s home or to send a message of joy and the lightness of being. It's not just a floral gift; it’s a moment of beauty, frozen in time, for your loved one to treasure.

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