A soft and sleepy Jellycat brand Owl with his companion book

Puppy Makes Mischief- Boy

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A soft and curious Jellycat brand Puppy combined with a sweet, easy-care garden! It's the perfect gift for new parents. 

The approximate size of the garden is 10"W x 12"H.

*Pompom picks may vary

We've paired the playful charm of a Jellycat puppy with the blossoming delight of a sweet, easy-care garden to create the 'Puppy Makes Mischief' collection. This boy version is a bundle of joy, perfectly crafted to welcome a little one into the world or bring a smile to any recipient. Imagine this: nestled in a crisp white wooden box, a lush garden blooms with vibrant primroses and tranquil African violets, their hues capturing childhood innocence. The gentle whites and deep purples weave a tapestry of color that's both soothing and joyful. And peeking out among the foliage are whimsical pompom picks that dance on the breeze; their shapes and colors may vary, but their delight is constant.

Tying this picturesque scene together is a gingham bow of softest blue, reminiscent of clear skies and sweet baby dreams. At approximately 10 inches wide by 12 inches high, this garden is a quaint, manageable size perfect for adorning a nursery shelf or a family living room. And there, the centerpiece of it all is the Jellycat puppy—a soft, huggable friend who will be a faithful companion to tales of adventure and giggles. 'Puppy Makes Mischief' is not just a gift; it's an invitation to whimsy, a whisper of playtime, and a keepsake for those moments that race by all too quickly in the life of a growing family.

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