Patriotic floral design in red white and blue flowers featuring lilies, roses, and delphinium designed in a large white container. Approximate size f is 24

Patriotic Fan Shaped Design

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Patriotic floral design featuring lilies, roses, and delphinium in red, white, and blue colors arranged in a large white container. 

The approximate size for the standard design is 24"W x 28"H.

We've crafted a design that captures the spirit of patriotism with a flourish. This fan-shaped floral ensemble is a heartfelt nod to the iconic red, white, and blue. Each bloom has been selected to evoke a sense of pride and unity.  Imagine the star of the show, the stately lilies, unfurling their petals in a display of pure, unblemished white. A parade of roses accompanies them, the crimson hue speaking of deep reverence and passion. Dotting the arrangement, the sapphire whispers of delphinium lend an air of nobility and serenity.  Together, these blossoms are not just arranged; they're choreographed like a ballet of colors, each complementing the other against the backdrop of a large, classic white container that adds an element of grandeur. Standing at an impressive size of approximately 24 inches wide by 28 inches high, this display is more than just a bouquet—it's a statement piece. Whether it graces a memorial, a celebration, or brings a sense of patriotic pride into a home, this design is a tribute to the enduring spirit it represents.

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