Mix of red roses, sunflowers, and carnations artfully designed in a basket. Approximate size for the standard design is 22

Tuscan Basket Design

Mix of red roses, sunflowers, and carnations creatively designed in a basket. 

The approximate size for the standard design is 22"W x 26"H.

The Tuscan Basket Design from Stadium Flowers in Seattle, WA, is a stunning cornucopia of vibrant blooms that captures the warmth and richness of a Tuscan landscape. This bountiful arrangement is a symphony of color, featuring the deep reds of roses, the cheerful brightness of sunflowers, and the lush vibrancy of carnations, all creatively designed in a charming basket. Each flower has been carefully selected for its quality and hue, contributing to a full and abundant display that speaks to the heart. The red roses symbolize love and respect, the sunflowers bring sunshine and happiness, and the carnations add a whimsy and charm. Together, they form a floral tapestry that's both rustic and refined. With its natural texture and sturdy form, the basket grounds the arrangement, making it perfect for a centerpiece or a grand gesture of affection. At an approximate size of 22 inches wide and 26 inches high for the standard design, the Tuscan Basket is a generous gift that's sure to leave a lasting impression.

With its vivid colors and lush foliage, the Tuscan Basket from Stadium Flowers is not just a bouquet; it's a celebration of beauty, an invitation to savor life's most colorful moments.

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