Solid floral  in shades of yellow, white, and green featuring roses, calla lily, and other premium accents.Approximate size of the standard design is 18

Personalized Tribute Display

Solid floral shapes designed to your specifications. A personal tribute to match that special personality.

Memorialize a life to remember.

Call for unique requested shapes or themes.

This Personalized Tribute Display from Stadium Flowers is a musical celebration of a life that danced to the rhythm of music. It’s a solid floral shape, lovingly designed to reflect the soul of someone who found joy and solace in musical notes. The treble clef is a statement of identity for a music lover or musician, meticulously shaped from vibrant pink blooms that stand out against a sea of soft white. Each bloom is chosen for its freshness and longevity, just as each note in a melody is selected for its harmony and place in the score. Framed by a bed of lush green leaves, this floral treble clef is a powerful, moving tribute. It resonates with the beauty of life’s symphony, honoring a person whose passion for music was a significant part of who they were.

Stadium Flowers offers the opportunity to craft a display as unique as the individual it commemorates. For those who wish to capture the essence of their loved one in a theme or shape that speaks of their life and loves, this tribute can be tailored to suit, ensuring a personal touch that is both memorable and deeply meaningful.

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