Favorites in Carnations

Arrangements featuring colorful carnations to bring joy to their doorstep!

Sending carnations from Stadium Flowers in Everett and Seattle, Washington, is to send a gift rich in joy and layered with symbolism. Carnations are among the most beloved and meaningful blooms, known for their ruffled petals, sweet fragrance, and longevity. These flowers come in a rainbow of colors, each with its special meaning, making them a versatile choice for many occasions.

Red carnations declare deep love and admiration, making them a perfect romantic gesture. In contrast, pink carnations carry the weight of a mother's undying love, traditionally worn or given on Mother's Day. White carnations symbolize purity and good luck and are often chosen to express sympathy or well wishes. The hearty nature of carnations makes them a beautiful choice and practical one, as they are known to last longer than many other cut flowers. Choosing to send carnations from Stadium Flowers means you're not just selecting a floral arrangement; you're sending a bouquet filled with history, symbolism, and sentiment. Whether for a birthday, congratulations, or to show someone you care, carnations from Stadium Flowers can convey your message with beauty and a lasting impression.

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