A modern ceramic planter filled with succulents and echeveria is the perfect home for a keepsake Yoga Frog!

Desert Yoga

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A modern ceramic planter with succulents and echeveria is the perfect home for a keepsake Yoga Frog! 

Plants may vary depending upon availability. Frogs are assorted and poses may vary. 

The approximate size of Standard is 7"W x 8"H.

Desert Yoga from Stadium Flowers brings a touch of whimsy and serenity to any space with its modern ceramic planter brimming with various hardy succulents and echeveria. A keepsake Yoga Frog further enhances this delightful arrangement, symbolizing balance, tranquility, and the enduring spirit of nature. Each plant in the arrangement is chosen for its ability to thrive with minimal care, making it perfect for seasoned plant enthusiasts and those new to succulents. The echeveria, with its rosette form, adds a sculptural element to the composition. At the same time, other succulents provide an array of textures and forms that mimic the diversity of the desert landscape. While the plants may vary depending on availability, the piece's charm remains constant. The assorted Yoga Frog poses contribute an element of surprise and delight, encouraging a moment of reflection or a smile with their playful contortions.

Measuring approximately 7 inches wide by 8 inches high, this standard-sized planter is ideal for gracing a desk, brightening a countertop, or serving as a centerpiece that sparks conversation. It's not just a plant arrangement; it's a statement of calm and a daily reminder to embrace the stillness and strength within.

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