This authentic Kakui Nut lei is the perfect keepsake for your Class of 2018 Graduate!

NOTE: Approximate size is 14" Diameter.

Everett HS Kukui Nut Lei

This authentic Kukui Nut lei is the perfect keepsake for your Graduate! 

Approximate size is 14" Diameter.

The Everett HS Kukui Nut Lei is a splendid celebration of achievement, a symbol that embodies the spirit and pride of the Everett High School graduates. This authentic lei, adorned with the school's vibrant colors, is not merely an accessory; it is a rite of passage, a tangible representation of the hard work and dedication that each student has poured into their studies.

Skillfully crafted, each kukui nut is carefully selected and threaded, creating a beautiful and meaningful lei. The polished nuts are decorated with the 'E' for Everett in alternating school colors, proudly showcasing school spirit. They catch the light and the eye, symbolizing the light of knowledge each graduate carries forth.

With an approximate diameter of 14 inches, this lei is a badge of honor around the graduate’s neck. It’s a reminder of their accomplishments and the experiences they've cherished during their high school journey. The lei’s size ensures it is a statement piece, a conversation starter, and a standout symbol during the commencement ceremony. Beyond graduation day, the Kukui Nut Lei from Everett HS becomes a keepsake, a physical piece of memorabilia that graduates can keep for years to come. It can take its place on a wall, in a memory box, or be held in moments of reflection, evoking memories of laughter, learning, and the invaluable time spent on the threshold of tomorrow.

For the graduates, the Kukui Nut Lei is more than an adornment for a single day. It is a legacy item that will remind them of their roots and wings – the foundation laid by their education and the heights they are yet to reach. It's a symbol of an ending and new beginnings as each graduate confidently steps forward into the future, ready to make their mark on the world.

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